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Qilo EDC Short Mk. II in KLMK

Qilo EDC Short Mk. II in KLMK

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EDC Short Mk. II in KLMK


EDC Short Mk II is the latest update to our EDC line of shorts - designed with carrying and durability as the top priority. The Mk II update features thicker belt loops, ripstop stretch material for durability (97% cotton, 3% spandex), and a zippered fly & embossed button closure for ease of taking a leak while carrying.

(Waist Sizes):
S: 28-30
M: 30-32
L: 32-34
XL: 34-36
XXL: 36-38
XXXL: 38-40

All sizes have a 5” inseam


KLMK (also known as Berezka, meaning “Birch Leaf”) is a camo of Soviet origin first used by KGB border guards, and later fielded by troops in the Soviet-Afghan war of the 1980s. As the first mass-produced digital camo pattern, it was developed to counter Gen. I NATO night vision systems.

It has since seen use into the modern day, including use by both sides of the current Russo-Ukrainian war. As of 2018, it is still in production.

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