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RTB Tactical Utility Sling

RTB Tactical Utility Sling

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RTB Tactical Utility Sling

The RTB Tactical Utility Sling uses Atwood Rope made in the USA, this sling is strong, flexible, and has an amazing tensile strength of 1200 lbs / 544 kg. The sling can withstand extremely high tensile loads, making it suitable for uses like towing, camping, and rescue operations.

The RTB military multi-purpose rope comes in 8 different color options, making it suitable for uses as phone cords, camera straps, small bag straps, and allowing for color coordinated combinations.


• 3/8" / 9.5mm diameter
• Tensile strength - 1200 lbs / 544 kg
• Long Lasting & Durable
• Full Fiber Core / Multi-Filament Fiber
• Color will not run or bleed
UV, Chemical, & Rot Resistant
• Synthetic & lightweight
• Rope From USA/ Assembled in Hong Kong


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