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RTB Vintage US Field Pants

RTB Vintage US Field Pants

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RTB Vintage US Field Pants

This clothing collection features vintage styles inspired by the classic and timeless looks of the 1940s and 1950s, particularly from the Korean War era. Drawing influences from the American military trousers and Air Force uniforms, these overalls combine historical charm with practical functionality. 

One of the prominent features of the American Air Force trousers during the Korean War era was the inclusion of four front pockets. These pockets were designed to provide additional storage space and versatility for soldiers in the field. 

Adding the washed "RTB" print on the back is to replicate the vintage look that soldiers would have had on their clothing during that era. This design detail further enhances the pants' fashion appeal and pays homage to the era it represents.

Features & Specifications:
- Material: High quality 80% cotton / 20% Nylon
- Garment Sand Wash


Product sizes (for reference only):

Size Waist (cm) Length (cm)
S 80 95.3
M 83.8 97.8
L 87.6 100.3
XL 91.4 102.9
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